Work in progress starting 20.7. @ Luftsteuer, showwindow exhibition
Finnissage 7.8.!

Maria Hera about Sideways:

“My first years in Vienna I spent walking along the streets, exploring this beautiful city. I was not just interested in the architecture, parks and places, but also in the people and their stories. I have the strange habit to pay a relaxed attention on the things lying on the streets. My fantasy starts spinning around, asking questions and imagining the stories behind the leftover objects.
In the photo-series Viennese Blood, 2009 I show the surprising amount of discarded drug packaging lying in the streets. I found this phenomenon quite amazing and I asked myself whether this could be the post-modern vestiges of the city of Freud.
Who are these people leaving all this packaging behind day after day? Why do these inhabitants of Vienna feel the need to medicate themselves in such quantities? What is the cause of their sleeplessness, restlessness, and unhappiness? Is this the dark side of the easy-going Viennese Schmäh?
Every foil-covered blister pack represents some synthesised chemical which is circulating the blood-stream in our fellow citizens.
In this period I collected also lots of notes, letters, photographs, even certifications lying on the streets. For the show at Mz Balthazars Lab I would like to open again the box and let out the Voices of my Viennese fellows. Once again I want to open the dialogue and start a communication by installing this tiny stories into the window-shop of the lab, in order to bring them again into the public and open once eyes for the hidden beauty of everyday ́s life!”


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