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Resonating Sculptures & Radio Cyborg Transmitter RCT

AUSSTELLUNG VON RENI HOFMÜLLER von 11.2. bis 25.2.2023

Eröffnung: Freitag, 10.2.2023, 19 Uhr: Liveperformance und Führung

Finissage: Samstag, 25.2.2023, 14-17 Uhr: Picnic / Potluck bei Schönwetter im Park


Donnerstag und Freitag 14 – 19 Uhr und Samstag, 11 – 19 Uhr

Sich mit der Welt auseinanderzusetzen heißt, in sie einzutauchen und in Resonanz mit ihr zu gehen.

In ihren Arbeiten geht Reni Hofmüller auf das Vorhandene ein: Menschen, die Umwelt und natürlich Klänge. Sounds, kleine und große Schnipsel aus der Vielzahl an Hörbarem und Unhörbarem. Sie nimmt, was da ist. Gebäude, Skulpturen, Werkzeuge, Materialien und natürlich Klänge – sie schaut sie sich genau an und haucht ihnen neues Leben ein. Sie versucht, neue Formen aus dem Istzustand zu entwickeln – sowohl in ihrer künstlerischen als auch in ihrer gesellschaftspolitischen Arbeit. Die Arbeiten von Reni Hofmüller sind eine Galaxie der Vorstellung einer resonanten Welt.

Texte von Nicole Pruckermayr

Reni Hofmüller:


Resonating Sculptures & Radio Cyborg Transmitter RCT

Exhibition by Reni Hofmüller

Engaging with the world means immersing oneself in it, entering into resonance with it.

In all her works, Reni Hofmüller responds to what is there: people, the environment and, naturally, sounds. Sounds, small and large snippets from the plurality of the audible and inaudible. She takes what she finds there. Buildings, sculptures, tools, materials and of course sounds – she looks at them closely and breathes new life into them. She aims to develop new forms from the actual state – both in her artistic and in her socio-political work. Reni Hofmüller’s works are a galaxy of the vision of a resonant world.

Friday, 10th of February 2023, 7 pm
Live performance and guided tour

Duration: 11th of February 2023 until 25th of February 2023

Opening Hours:

Thursday and Friday 2pm – 7pm

Saturday, 11 am – 7 pm

Foto: Martin Gross

Saturday, 25th of February 2023, 2pm – 5pm
Picnic / Potluck (in good weather in a park nearby, if it’s bad we stay in the exhibition space and picnic inside)

Reni Hofmüller will not always be there during the opening hours, but there is always somebody informed present and can give introduction to the works; kids are welcome always and especially for the finissage / picknick!

RCT: produced by esc medien kunst labor
Reni Hofmüller:

Zwischen den Zeilen

Die Zeilen dazwischen

Final Performance

by Judith Augustinovič & Valerie Habsburg

17. 12 – 21.12. 2022

Mz* Baltazar`s Laboratory

Jägerstraße 52-54 1200 Wien

… auf dem Weg … dorthin‘ zeichnet den Lebensstil von Teresa Feodorowna Ries (TFR) – und damit einer Epoche: Zum Arbeiten, zur Sommerfrische, zur Gesundung, zu Ausstellungen, ins Exil, … Das Reisen an sich. Im ‚Gepäck‘ das persönliche Gut, das Notwendige für die nächsten Tage, Wochen, … die Werke – und Arbeitsmaterial.

In Mz* Baltazar`s Laboratory gibt das TFR Archive/Kittelkollektiv Einblicke in das Artistic Research Projekt zu Teresa Feodorowna Ries. Die gezeigten Werke des Kollektivs bilden gleichzeitig den Frame für die feministische Performance Zwischen den Zeilen / Die Zeilen dazwischen.

Nach der Performance entsteht aus den Blättern, der übereinander geschriebenen Zeilen der Autobiografie von Teresa Feodorowna Ries ein Künstlerinnenbuch. Dieses Buch wird 2023 in Rom bei der Ausstellung Un Paradiso Amaro/Bitter Paradise – Viaggo a Roma präsentiert werden. – Instagram: tfr_archive

Image Credits: Judith Augustinovič & Valerie Habsburg

!BZ presents: Live and Audio-Reactive w/ TouchDesigner

“Live and Audio-Reactive w/ TouchDesigner” is a workshop using the node based visual programming language TouchDesigner, a tool that allows to create visual content that is generative, audio-reactive and runs real time. This is of interest if you are interested in the fields of live cinema, installations, interactive installations and/or vjing.
This workshop includes a brief introduction to TouchDesigner and its interface, so it’s suitable for a beginner level.
It will focus mainly on how to interpret audio input to generate audio-reactive visuals, such as, 3d transformations, translations, and point-cloud simulations. In this workshop, you will learn how to achieve this but also how to get yourself to experiment and make it your own.
It is required of you a laptop with the latest version of TouchDesigner already installed. It work on both Windows and macOS. Please try it beforehand, you will need to register and create a key in order to use it for free. But don’t worry, it’s not too as complicated as it sounds!


Short Bio
!BZ is Beatriz Lacerda, an Interaction Designer and a Creative Technologist based in Vienna, whose practice sits in the intersection of art, design, and technology. Through the use of public spaces, they are interested in establishing a relationship with people by combining the digital and the physical through various mediums of installation.
Moreover, they actively engage in the creation of generative visual work under the alias of ‘iBZ’. They embrace the unpredictability and lack of control of such tools, as they manipulate and shape them to their purpose.

16th of Febuary 2022
17.30h – 20.00h
Limited to 12 participants — 2G+

Mz* Baltazar’s Lab
Jägerstraße 52-54
1200 Wien

Please register to:

Breeder or Sucker

Charlotte Gash presents:

Breeder or Sucker;

The Tv Show

Breeder or Sucker; the TV show is a production about the lives and failures of art school students. The viewer follows a group of young people who are struggling; to secure an education; to be offered exhibitions and to get laid.

Breeder or Sucker delves into the mundane “everyday” aspects of being an artist. The series is made up of ten episodes, each 20-40 minutes long.

The scripts satirize situations of privilege and failure, whilst unapologetically commenting on female sexuality. The episodes also indulge in the time wasted procrastinating and partying.

Each episode is played out through the eyes of Charlotte Gash, a character based on the artist’s semi-autobiographical experiences. Gash uses cardboard props in her work – highlighting absurd and humorous aspects of real life.

“He makes us laugh to make us learn. There’s salvation in that.”

– John Lahr discussing Joe Orton’s play Loot


Charlotte Gash is a British artist living and working in Vienna. She is currently completing her MA from the Akademie der Bildender Kunst under Carola Dertnig in the performance class. Gash takes inspiration from humorous, everyday situations and her work takes the form of text, sculpture, performance and video.


Mz Baltazar’s Lab, Jägerstraße 52-54, 1200 VIENNA


9th February – 13th February, 7.30 pm screening


There will be about 15 places each screening so please register
to do this Email to register a space
2G+ rules mandatory

Mz Baltazar’s Lab Workshop in São Paulo Brazil :: How to build your own Megaphone! with Patrícia Reis and Sabina Simonic

Mz Baltazar’s Lab Workshop

How to build your own Megaphone!

with Patrícia Reis and Sabina Simonic

About the workshop:

There are situations when you want to make yourself heard. In such moments, it might be helpful to have a megaphone at hand, so you spare your vocal cords. With your DIY megaphone you can print your environment not only with volume. Mz Baltazar’s Lab encourage women & trans* to build their own Megaphone!


Friday, 2nd October, 2015

from 18h to 20h



Garoa Hacker clubr



Open to 15 participants

Only women & trans*




WEBANALOG an exhibition by Hoa Luo & Stefanie Post :: Opening 3rd July 2015


an exhibition by Hoa Luo & Stefanie Post

curated by @Mz. Balthazar´s Laboratory (Luftsteuer Show window project)

Vernissage: 03.07.2015  |  7pm  |  the artists attend the opening
Finissage: 24.07.2015  |  7pm

at Mz. Baltazar´s Laboratory  |  Sechshauserstraße 28  |  A – 1150 Wien

About the exhibition

Ein.gewebe in der Sechshauserstrasse 28.
Kommt – wir beissen und weben und nähen.“

About the artist:

Hoa Luo: WWW
Stefanie Post: Djane Gabbalier


Bildschirmfoto 2015-06-23 um 14.51.29



Workshop Programing servo Motors with Arduino by Patrícia J. Reis :: 10th june 2015

Mz Baltazar’s proudly presents:

Workshop Programing servo Motors with Arduino by Patrícia J. Reis

About the workshop:
This workshop aims to introduce the basics of the open source Arduino platform specifically in how to program
and wire servo motors to build interactive projects. We will use different analog and digital sensors to control
servo motors and will explore new ways of using power and motion to think about futures machineries.

When: Wednesday, 10th June at 18h
Where: Sechshauserstraße 28, 1150 Vienna

What to bring: Laptop, snack & drinks and lot of creativity!
If you have: Arduino and servo motors

The workshop is free of charge, however donations are welcome!

Only women & trans*

Please sign in to:

Be aware that we only have 12 places available for the workshop!

About Patrícia J. Reis:
Patrícia J. Reis (b. 1981 in Lisbon, Portugal) is an artist and a PhD candidate in Media Art exploring the intimate
(Cultural and Political) relations between the subject of vision and image (namely the body, representation and
self-representation), through digital apparatus, in photography and, more recently, in video and interactive

AliciaEggert-Wonder2 copy

"Build your own website with WordPress" Workshop at Mz Baltazar's Lab by Lisa Madlberger on the 3rd June 2015 :: 18h :: Only women & trans*

“Build your own website with WordPress” Workshop!

by Lisa Madlberger

About the workshop:

In this workshop you will develop your first website using WordPress,
the most popular website & blog building software out there. You will
learn about the basics of webdesign and within few minutes you will set
up your own website and design it according to your wishes. No previous
knowledge is required for this workshop. Please bring your laptop.

When: Wednesday, 3rd June at 18h
Where: Sechshauserstraße 28, 1150 Vienna

What to bring: Laptop, snack & drinks and lot of creativity!

The workshop is free of charge, however donations are welcome!

Only women & trans*

Please sign in to:

Be aware that we only have 12 places available for the workshop!

About Lisa Madlberger

Lisa Madlberger is a PhD researcher at Vienna University of Technology in Austria. Within the Information & Software Engineering group, she is involved in a research project on the interface between IT and sustainability. Ms Madlberger received her M.Sc. in Information Systems from University of Munster in Germany and has four years of practical experience working in international IT-projects. Since 2012, she holds a research scholarship from Vienna PhD School of Informatics.




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