During the Biennale in Sinop, Turkey, we held a Miss Baltazar s Laboratory workshop. I was surprised over the number of participants in all ages. There instantly started a vivid and intense conversation on women and technology as well as the every day use of technology and development of tech solutions. An elderly lady was angry about the way the male Turkish part of the society in her eyes excluded women from some professions. She told us about lamps and chandelier she had already designed and made herself without the help of others. Some said that although university allowed girls into tech degrees, there was just less interest. Another participant claimed it was capitalism that caused this development. Quickly the discussion became political and we compared ex-soviet countries and capitalist countries when it comes to equality and access to tech and open source tech. In the end we started working with arduino and talked about the fact that some languages use male and female terms, like e.g. german, while in other languages all terms are neutral. I told them that most electric parts and tech tools in german had male names and we discussed the impact on our perception. It was all in all an extremely thought provoking workshop and I had to re-think a lot of stereotypes I had on women living in small cities in rural areas of turkey. We had the loudest and most polarizing discussions and lots of fun.