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During the Biennale in Sinop, Turkey, we held a Miss Baltazar s Laboratory workshop. I was surprised over the number of participants in all ages. There instantly started a vivid and intense conversation on women and technology as well as the every day use of technology and development of tech solutions. An elderly lady was angry about the way the male Turkish part of the society in her eyes excluded women from some professions. She told us about lamps and chandelier she had already designed and made herself without the help of others. Some said that although university allowed girls into tech degrees, there was just less interest. Another participant claimed it was capitalism that caused this development. Quickly the discussion became political and we compared ex-soviet countries and capitalist countries when it comes to equality and access to tech and open source tech. In the end we started working with arduino and talked about the fact that some languages use male and female terms, like e.g. german, while in other languages all terms are neutral. I told them that most electric parts and tech tools in german had male names and we discussed the impact on our perception. It was all in all an extremely thought provoking workshop and I had to re-think a lot of stereotypes I had on women living in small cities in rural areas of turkey. We had the loudest and most polarizing discussions and lots of fun.




Miss Baltazar Workshops in Taiwan




FRIDAY 20th January 2012

10:00 – 12:00 Computer Break! Fast Raum D
12:00 – 15:00 Milica Gudović: Drupal Workshop Mz. Baltazars Büro
16:00 – 19:00 Stefanie Wuschitz: Re-Sista Raum D

20:00 Abendprogramm/Evening Programm Raum D
Audioperformances of Media artists, which work with electronics and Programming,
E.g. Ulla Rauter + Verena Dürr + Christine Schörkhuber, Ye Hui, and others.

SATURDAY 21st of January 2012

11:00 – 14:00 A left at Albukerky – Darija Medić Mz. Baltazars Büro
14:00 – 17:00 Solar Workshop – Selena Savić Raum D
18:00 – 20:00 Paper Games – Heather Kelley Mz. Baltazars Büro

20:00 Abendprogramm RAUM D
The beauty of distorsion,
live Visuals mit elektronischen Störsignalen

SUNDAY 22nd of January 2012

11:00 – 14:00 Ulla Rauter – PD Programming Mz. Baltazars Büro
11:00 – 17:30 KÖRPER SPULE – Audrey Samson, Sabrina Basten Rundgang im MQ Raum D
After Hour Raum D Präsentationen

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SLUT WALK in Vienna

Today at 3pm we met at our new space to make banners for the Slut Walk Vienna.




Last week I gave a workshop at the Coded Cultures Festival in Vienna. We tried to make a radio from almost only natural materials. We were weaving a carpet from old tree branches we collected in the park (we asked the gardeners ;)) and constructed a coil that can receive radio signals through an amplifyer.

miss baltazar at PLATFORM 4 (Aalborg | Denmark)


“The group who signed up for the 3-day Mz. Baltazar’s Laboratory workshop had a seemingly awesome time. Not only did they learn the basics of soldering and using open hardware microboard platform Arduino, but also how to have the hardware interact with software such as Processing and PureData – as well as take apart old electronics to create something new.

After the workshop – which was completely full – there was a general consensus among the participants that we not only should have more introductory workshops, but also follow-up workshops to take people’s skills further. So we’ll definitely do that – and we’re pretty sure it’s not the last time Mz. Baltazar’s Lab and instructor Stefanie Wuschitz will come to Aalborg!

One of the participants, Lina Bergstrøm, did two video segments; one with an interview with Stefanie – and another with bits and pieces from the workshop. Check them out:

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