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31. May, 08:002. June, 17:00

An Artificial Plant in Real Soil exhibition by CickinDunt

An Artificial Plant in Real Soil

Artists: CickinDunt (Anna Cherepanova|Vitalii Cherepanov)

Curator: Olivia Jaques / Mz*Baltazar’s Laboratory

Exhibition & Workshop (31.5.–2.6.)

in the framework of Independent Space Index 2024

Mz* Baltazar’s Laboratory, Jägerstraße 52-54, 1200 Wien



Workshop: Saturday 4:30pm

cctv lecture: Sunday 5:00pm

Opening hours exhibition:

Friday, 31 May, 2-6 pm (Opening / the artists will be present)

Saturday, 1 June, 2-6pm

Sunday, 2 June, 2-6pm (Finissage)


After stripping the vomit of Baudrillard, Brener and Nietzsche from their clothes, the Cherepanovs continue their trans-disciplinary, trans-local, trans-agent expedition that began in a small town in the Urals. In their infantile way, they have deconstructed and appropriated the repressive instrument of the state: urban CCTV cameras. “If the state wants to control us, then being afraid and hiding from such cameras means playing to the score set by this government. But exposing yourself to the camera and performing actions means overcoming fear and forcing the overseer to act according to your own score and to observe your own performance” muses CickinDunt.

For artists born into a working-class family in a small town (remote from the centre of the country) in the early 90s, there was another great fear: the impossibility of moving around the planet. CCTV cameras around the world have also helped to overcome this fear. Recording video feeds from such cameras has become a way of travelling. During the pandemic and after the outbreak of war in Ukraine, CCTV cameras became an alternative source of information for the Cherepanovs that was not influenced by political propaganda. In 2023, the artists made the feature-length film “Talk”about their interactions with the cameras, as well as another project about artificial intelligence (which they see as the half-sister of CCTV cameras). Their exhibition also includes toys and graphics. Both are a way to preserve the memory of the places and situations through which the Cherepanovs’ expedition route leads. The graphics are notes on the go, and the toys are made exclusively from found materials. It is important for the artists not to buy anything to create toys; but only find or accept gifts from local residents – so each toy becomes a portrait of a particular place. This exhibition displays toys created over the past two years: from Ekaterinburg – the place the artists emigrated from – to Berlin, Kiel, Hamburg, Barcelona, Ibiza and Zurich – the city where the CID are now based. Another element of the exhibition is the textile sculpture “paratrooper professor”, which functions as a constant element of their artistic statements. The “paratrooper professor” consists of various objects found in Vienna. The exhibition on display at Mz* Baltazar’s Lab can be seen as the Vienna terminus of their journey, linking this ongoing artistic project with all past and future exhibitions by the artist duo. All together – videos, graphics, toys and “paratrooper professors” – are then a detailed map of the Cherepanovs’ expedition. Graphics, toys and videos are mobile media – best suited for those on the move.




Workshop with CickinDunt (Anna Cherepanova|Vitalii Cherepanov)
Saturday 1 June, 4:30pm
in the framework of Independent Space Index 2024 Mz* Baltazar’s Laboratory, Jägerstraße 52-54, 1200 Vienna

The artist duo CickinDunt explores the line between reality and the digital, between the synthetic and the organic, in search of a collaboration between diversity and what can be called essence. In the framework of their exhibition «An artificial plant in real soil» the artists invite everyone interested to take part in their workshop: Together we will try to communicate with CCTV cameras in the public space near Mz* Baltazar’s Laboratory. If possible, please bring a flashlight and dress in bright colors (not a must, but it would be great). There are about 3-5 CCTV traffic cameras that available 24/7 close to Mz* Baltazar’s Laboratory. Together we will create several movement performances, record them on a CCTV camera and edit the recorded video. More about CickinDunt CCTV Movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gq5NTWdldQo&list=PLuxJ4uMvD89aPJOUnTBzHu_f6Fz4_6xzs&themeRefresh=1

CCTV lecture by CickinDunt (Anna Cherepanova|Vitalii Cherepanov)
Sunday 2 June, 5:00pm
in the framework of Independent Space Index 2024 Mz* Baltazar’s Laboratory, Jägerstraße 52-54, 1200 Vienna

«Wars, police control, norms, rules, polarization, lack of freedom. In these contexts, the surveillance camera is used as a tool of evil. We delve deeper into the matter of video; inside the frame, we notice within the video material millions of unaccounted therefore discriminated agencies such as wind, magnetic fields, insects. Within the CCTV work, this function of the camera is reflected upon and at the same time reversed, aiming for emancipation. If there is no way out (of being controlled) and post-observation, then let it be freedom within unfreedom, for all living beings, for digital glitches and robots for non-event as opposed to the violence of the plot.»
CickinDunt art group will talk about their personal relationships with CCTV and will also show a selection of movies short with CCTV cameras.



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31. May, 08:00
2. June, 17:00
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all genders
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