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Caring About (Data). How to deal with sensitive data and documentation within socially engaged performance art

Caring About (Data).

How to deal with sensitive data and documentation within socially engaged performance art

Artists: Marin Shamov, Ailsa Li & Phoebe Wong, Joanna Zabielska

Curation: Performatorium (Olivia Jaques/Marlies Surtmann)

Performances (24.05.–25.05.2024) and Exhibition (25.05.–29.05.2024)

Performance Programme:

FRI 24.05.2024 (starting @Mz*Baltazar’s Laboratory)

17:00 Exhibition open

18:00 Awareness Walk I

19:30 Wrap

SAT 25.05.2024 (starting @Mz*Baltazar’s Laboratory)

12:00 Exhibition open

13:00 Design of the Anonymous, public space close to Mz*Baltazar’s Laboratory

15:00 Awareness Walk II

Opening Hours Exhibition:

Sat 25.06.2024, 12:00–16:00

Mon 27.06.2024, 16:00–19:00

Tue 28.06.2024, 11:00–14:00

The programme Caring About (Data) brings together three positions of socially engaged performance art and deals with the topic of transferring social relations into an exhibition setting. How can at times personal, (politically) sensitive and fragile social encounters that arise in a socially engaged (art) project be translated into a work of art? What knowledge, what information, what data is intended for the public and what is too sensitive to be carried beyond individual interaction? What does this self-censorship mean for the transmission of this art form? The three artistic positions, Marin Shamov, Ailsa Li & Phoebe Wong and Joanna Zabielska, outline different strategies on how to deal with these questions. The artists met first at Raw Matters – Tender Steps Residency (2023), their individual works in progress being mentored by Olivia Jaques, Charlotta Ruth and Marlies Surtmann in the framework of the artistic research project Archives in Practice (2023). At Mz*Baltazar’s Laboratory they are invited to go public with their socially engaged performance works.

Design of the Anonymous

Joanna Zabielska








Credits: Design of the Anonymous, Joanna Zabielska

Design of the Anonymous opens an experimental space in the form of an inflatable bag as an immersive, walk-in space for individuals to engage with objects, materials, bodies, and narratives. Told stories are carried on and projected onto the tent skin, letting people speak who have already moved on. The Design of the Anonymous is anonymous in that it is not based on any single authorship, perhaps not even so much on a multiple one, because it asks other questions. And yet this design is not material. It is ephemeral and physical, near and far, imagined and real, intangible and touching.

Performative walks in public spaces, Mode of Awareness (Awareness Walks)​​

Marin Shamov

The performative walks are exploring a concept of awareness and performative practices in public spaces. It is the process of observing where our attention is, who we are and what we are doing, what we are thinking about and how all of these relate to the space in which we are at that moment. The walks consist of a framework of four practices: attention on being present in space through movement, practice of observation and buddy system, and practice of keeping an awareness diary (writing).

The walks take place outside, last 45–50 minutes each, and are held in English. They are open for people of all genders, experience and physical abilities. During the walk we check with each other, choose a route and follow the principle of support as well as self-care.

Walk dates: Fri 24.05.2024 18:00–18:50 and Sat 25.05.2024 15:00–15:50







Credits: What is actually going on? Marin Shamov in collaboration with Valya Lutsenko and Anya Kravchenko; photo: Egor Rogalev, St. Petersburg, 2021


Ailsa Li & Phoebe Wong








Credits: Wrap, performance: Ailsa Li; photo: Phoebe Wong, 2023

“I will be very close to them and if they still want to be there, it’s okay”    a loop-based performative installation on the sensorial experience of exile, displacement, and migration.


With the kins support:

About Marin Shamov, Ailsa Li & Phoebe Wong, Joanna Zabielska

Joanna Zabielska (born in Warsaw, lives in Vienna) works at the intersection of art, design, and architecture. Using a variety of media – from VR installations to inflatable sculptures to performances – she develops participatory, site-specific projects with the local community.

Marin Shamov (they/them) is an interdisciplinary dance artist, queer-rap lyrics writer, performer and queer activist who explores body-knowledge, psychoanalytic thinking in artistic practice, identity politics, socially engaged performance and non-human beings.

Ailsa Li, born and raised in Hong Kong, is a Vienna based performer and maker whose interests lie between movements, theatricality and shared human experience.

Phoebe Wong, raised in Hong Kong, is a Berlin based theatre creator, tech, designer with 15 years of movement training background. She is dedicated to transforming artistic concepts into final presentations via stage technology with the firm belief that every light- and sound-design tells a story.

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29. May, 23:00
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