we’ll meet july 14th at 7pm
at metalab (surprisingly)
for a summer sunny

.“´. :B L O G G I N G   W O R K S H O P: .`´´.

Blogging is important, for exhibitionism, self representation, bragging, but also for giving information, civic journalism or communicating helpful ideas.
With blogging software you can quickly make your own website and change it’s content every day of the week without much efford.
It’s simple and free.

Helga will give us an introduction to blogging, how to install your own blog and how you could add the blog to your own webURL
(so you e.g. don’t see the name “wordpress” in the address)…If you use one of the big blogging tools you can add all kinds of plugins and widgets like maps, tag clouds, chat rooms, etc..


PS: Vielleicht stoßen wir ja danach gemeinsam auf den französischer Nationalfeiertag an, wenn ihr Lust auf Revolution habt 😉