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31. July 202120. August 2021

“The Medusa v. The Odalisque” *** A collaboration between Dorota Walentynowicz & Patrícia J. Reis




Opening: 30th July, 18h-22h

Exhibition 31.07 – 20.08.2021 (Opening times by appointment: patricia.reis@mzbaltazarslaboratory.org) 



*** “The Medusa v. The Odalisque” – B.S. Latrodectus Mactans Productions. Uncredited cast; zone-plating laser holography by James O. Incadenza and Urquhart Ogilvie, Jr.; holographic fight choreography by Kenjiru Hirota courtesy of Sony Entertainment-Asia; 78 mm; 29 minutes; black and white; silent w/ audience-noises appropriated from network broadcast television. Mobile holograms of two visually lethal mythologic females duel with reflective surfaces onstage while a live crowd of spectators turn to stone. LIMITED CELLULOID RUN; PRIVATELY RE-RELEASED ON MAGNETIC VIDEO BY LATRODECTUS MACTANS PRODUCTIONS


Exhibition text:

“The Medusa v. The Odalisque” is the artists’ ongoing research towards 

a critical reflection on the subject of visual pleasure in the age of digital 

entities. The exhibition consists of a collection of objects and images 

that engage the visitors in a spectacle of gazes. 


Act 1 – Gdansk, Poland, January 2015

Odalisque meets Medusa in a bar. 

Act 2 – Sejdisfjordur, Iceland v. Vienna, Austria, June 2015

Medusa: I think it would be awesome to work on something together! […] do you know this book “Infinite Jest” by David Foster Wallace? […] here is the excerpt from the book that describes the film.

Odalisque: It’s very interesting […] Do you know why they are fighting? I like to believe that the purpose is to punish the audience! 

Act 3 – Shabla, Bulgaria, August 2015

Medusa: 1. the story is fictitious; 2. the film described inside the story is fictitious; 3. the film is about a fictitious theatre performance; 4. characters inside that performance are fictitious

Odalisque: I always wanted to build an hologram. 

Act 4 – Heraklion, Greece, August 2016

Medusa & Odalisque: We are looking for 2 actors with no preference in gender. The actors will be asked to perform a dancing movement with their back to the camera. The recorded image will be presented as a holographic video. The technology used is inspired by the phantasmagoria technology of the 19th century. Dancing experience preferred. Actors need to be in good control of their bodies. 

Act 5 – Heraklion, Greece, August 2017

Medusa and Odalisque build some rotating models. 

Act 6 – Vienna, Austria, November 2017 

The shooting: 

I Move your body with your back to the camera

II Follow the rhythm of the music we play for you

III Move within the square defined on the floor

IV Move your arms, back, and head without completely showing your face 

V You will be given as much time as you need 

Act 7 – Up north, December 2017

Medusa: Sending you a wetransfer file of the 4 Medusas.

Odalisque: Thank you. 

Act 8 – Wroclaw, Poland, January 2018

Medusa: How thick? Iron or aluminium?

Odalisque: I think 2mm would be great for the plexiglass. Metal – maybe 4 mm? 

Act 9 – Lisbon, Portugal, March 2018

Medusa: The package was sent yesterday.

Odalisque: I didn’t get it. 

Act 10 – Heraklion, Greece, April 2018

According to the information received from the carrier the address was not complete. A complaint will be made to the carrier for an unjustified return of the parcel to the sender. We will inform you about the result of the complaint. If the complaint is recognized by the carrier, the funds will be returned to you. 

Act 11 – Gdansk, Poland, v. Vienna, Austria, July 2020

Medusa: I totally want to come visit! Let’s do this project!

Odalisque: I’m sure that with that target in mind we will do better this time. 

Act 12 – Somewhere on the train to Vienna, Austria, July 2021

Odalisque: Maybe in the text we don’t have to explain the whole Odalisque v. Medusa thing and leave it more open?

Medusa: I agree that we don’t have to explain anything 🙂 we shouldn’t!!

Dorota Walentynowicz, Patrícia J. Reis “The Medusa v. The Odalisque” *** A collaboration between Dorota Walentynowicz & Patrícia J. Reis

About Dorota Walentynowicz, Patrícia J. Reis

Dorota Walentynowicz (PL) is a visual artist based in Gdansk. The area of her artistic and theoretical interests concerns the intersection of photography, installation and performance. Her work is characterised by the continuous process of dialectic feedback between technology and nature, theory and practice, logic and intuitive cognition. She is interested in analogue methods of producing photographic images. Through them she aims to analyze and illustrate the role that photography plays in maintaining the hegemony of visuality and the way in which visuality guides the social relations today.

Patrícia J. Reis (PT) is an installation artist based in Vienna whose practice encompasses different formats and media to examine the human and non-human relationship with contemporary technology. Through an ongoing investigation that destabilises the boundaries between gender, science, technology, magic and spiritual beliefs, she explores questions “How do we believe in machines?” and “How technology is shaping us bodily?”. In her complex installations she often appeals to the visitor’s sensoriality in an intimate and sensual way, encouraging them to become active participants.

Event details

31. July 2021
20. August 2021
Door policy:
all genders
no registration required
bring your own computer
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Mz*Baltazar’s Laboratory, Jägerstraße 52-54, 1200 Wien + Google Map

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