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6. July, 12:3016:00

Soldering workshop ERICA SYNTH DIY kits

Soldering workshop ERICA SYNTH DIY kits 6th of July, 12:30-16h Jacky Noise and Girts Visionar of Erica Synths will guide the session, helping you take your first steps in 1. soldering and 2. building your DIY modular synth, using one of the pre-ordered Erica Synths mki x es.EDU . Before the workshop, we will provide an introduction to modular synths and their performance cases. You are more than welcome to stop by for a social chat, check out the gear, or solder a DIY kit. Feel free to bring your own DIY project too! The workshop open to all genders but take into account Mz*Baltazar’s Lab code of conduct: https://www.mzbaltazarslaboratory.org/code-of-conduct/ More info + Sign in here Workshop program:
  • Introduction to Modular Synthesis
  • Introduction to ERICA synth
  • Soldering
available kits*: (by fill-in this form the KIT will be pre-ordered for you)
The perfect starting kit to start building your own in circuit design. This kit will be your station to test and use as a playground to learn the fundamentals of electronic design.
Functions the Labor has; pulse/triangle/sine oscillator (audio & LFO range), multi mode envelope generator, buffered variable control voltage source, output amplifier, and more.
EDU DIY VCO€55 Analog sawtooth-core oscillator with a reasonably accurate volt/octave tracking EDU DIY VCA €50 It has DC-coupled inputs so you can use the VCA both for audio and CV signals EDU DIY Noise/S&H €55 Perfect for self-sequencing, or for adding a dash of randomness in to your patch. Noise is Queen. EDU DIY Mixer €40 A normal but also not a normal mixer. Case in point: this super simple three-channel mixer with built-in diode distortion will make your patches sound delightfully rough. EDU DUAL EG€50 What is a world without Envelope Generators? This optimised ADSR has either an ASR or AD output, with the Release and Decay are controlled by the same knob.
How to reserve your soldering spot? 1. fill in this form  2. because of the pre-order we like to mentioned that reserving a post, we will keep the module and space for you reserved. Reservation can only be change up till 48 hours before the workshop. 
🕹️ 6th of July 2024
12:30 – 13:00 Walk in
13:00 start workshop
13:30 pm start soldering
15:30 pm testing and patching the gears together
16:00 pm closing the workshop
Location; Mz*Baltazar’s LabJägerstraße 52–54. 1200 Vienna
The DIY kit (these will be pre-ordered for you! ) Deadline is 4th of July
Hosted by
Patrícia http://www.patriciajreis.com/
Jacky aka JacqNoise  jacqnoise.cargo.site
Ģirts Ozoliņš visionar at Erica Synths   https://www.ericasynths.lv/about/
Jacky Noise and Girts VisionarSoldering workshop ERICA SYNTH DIY kits

About Jacky Noise and Girts Visionar

Erica Synths
The Erica Synths team is made of visionaries, engineers, musicians and our most important employee – Tuna the cat. We have been working hard to create Eurorack modules and desktop instruments that make a difference in your workflow, whether for production in the studio, live performances on stage or educational goals in the classroom. We strive to offer the highest possible quality in our gear in terms of how it looks, sounds and functions.

All instruments are designed and manufactured in Latvia. Check out our shop and discover a new set of tools for your sonic craft!

Website: https://www.ericasynths.lv/

Event details

6. July
Door policy:
all genders
register here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1GNRLe3kXxpLs3SNVgJvC5H6GzajgqOiGZMjDEGBCcjE/viewform?edit_requested=true
bring your own computer
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Mz*Baltazar’s Laboratory, Jägerstraße 52-54, 1200 Wien + Google Map



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