DSC07633 s WHEN: May 25 th, 2011. 7pm

WHERE: Museumsquartier: Tagr TV / Transforming  Freedom Raum

Delphine Mei [Taiwan] will sample a wide range of materials, both pop  culture and rare-seen video materials from across the world such as the  USA, Japan, Taiwan, China and Australia.

The workshop by Delphine will touch on contemporary shifting identities, be it  on an individual or collective level (gender, culture, politics) as an attempt to bring the ancient/the past/the present/modern/internet-age into perspective, a balance, and discuss how the future could be evolving around it.

Some thoughts to share will be drawn from Donna Haraway‘s Cyborg Manifesto, Kris Waldherr‘s the Goddess Tarot (Goddess Archetypes), Stuart Hall as well as Sarat Maharaj‘s conversations about Modernity and Difference.

Delphine will also share some of her own art and performance works dealing with this in our visual culture:

The Banana Generation, which links the multi-layer Chinese poetic language code within, using performative gestural ways to reveal and unveil in video and installation.

– Welcome to the Dollhouse

– The Human Peep Box

– 8 positions: Lost in Trans-relations

– Taiwan’s Women Experimental Comedy Club

– Sound Work: Latu

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*About Delphine:

Delphine is an interdisciplinary artist and performer, as well as culture producer and art programmer. Born in Taipei, Taiwan, and growing up in the USA , she has been living in between Europe and Asia since 2005. Miss Mei has studied Dance/Theatre in National Institute of Arts, BFA/BA in Interdisciplinary Arts and Art History from University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign USA, and Advanced Diploma in Physical Theatre and Interdisciplinary Performance Arts from the MimeCentre, Helsinki Finland.

Although diverse, Delphine’s work has been centered around women/gender, travel/migration/cultural transition and transfer, building a meaningful social network community, youth empowerment through art and knowledge sharing, with the aim to enrich and support sub-culture’s survival and evolution.

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