Anna T. “Opaque Spaces of Language” Screening & Discussion :: 28th Jan :: 18h 
at Mz. Baltazars Laboratory

Anna T. is a multidisciplinary artist researching queer subjectivities, language, and performativity. In this presentation she will be exploring aspects of privacy, communication, and performativity in the form of sub-cultural (queer) slangs and ideas of kinship and group membership that derive from them.

The languages are explored through ideas of passive resistance, opacity, and embodied performances, drawing from J. D. Katz, E. Glissant, and N. DeVilliers, and pose questions on the mechanisms of concealment, exclusion, and community formation, that seem to intersect them.

The 20 minute video deals with issues of physical space and the notional space language constructs. Sound becomes then a protagonist taking the viewers through spaces empty of bodies, creating parallel narratives.

For more info please check out: http://annatee.net/