Workshop – Electronics  & Arduino Introduction Workshop I
by Patrícia J. Reis

About the Workshop:
This workshop aims to introduce the basics of electronics, focusing on what is essential for exploiting the open source Arduino platform, and therefore, to build things using different kinds of in and out-puts. We’ll focuses on fundamental tools and technics such as building a simple circuit, knowing the electronic components, soldering and using a Multimeter for measuring resistance, voltage and current.

Please sign in with a short e-mail to: mbl-orga@lists.metalab.a

When: 15th April :: 18h
Where: Mz Baltazar’s lab: Sechshauserstraße 28, 1150 Vienna

What to bring: Just if you have- old electronics, breadboard wires,

The workshop is free of charge. Food & drinks are welcome!

Only women & trans*

About Patrícia J. Reis:
Patrícia J. Reis (b. 1981 in Lisbon, Portugal) is an artist and a PhD candidate in Media Art exploring the intimate (Cultural and Political) relations between the subject of vision and image (namely the body, representation and self-representation), through digital apparatus, in photography and, more recently, in video and interactive installations.