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article on miss baltazar in dpi magazine

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Although in Western countries technology is accessible to a great demographic mass, females handling technology is still perceived as deviant and women’s hacker clubs remain on the fringes. This article introduces and discusses artist and teacher Stefanie Wuschitz of Austria and her women-only  hacker project Miss Baltazar s Laboratory , exemplifying the cyberfeministic trend of current media culture. The term cyberfeminism dates back to a group of women who   became active in Internet-based art and activism in the 1990s. There is no one definition describing the practice of cyberfeminists, rather the term emerged when it became clear that the Internet was not going to be a neutral space, but that questions about gender continue persist. Whereas it is sometimes used to describe the sum of feminisms expressed throughout the Internet, it can also mean an emphasis on female practice with digital technology. This more broad conception is used here in the practice of Miss Baltazar’s Laboratory promoting the use of technology among girls and women. Continue reading

tales from berlin


Feminist DIY Workshop


03.02.2011 10:30
04.02.2011 14:30

The workshop in Berlin was pure divine fun – many, many people got interested in our group and it was booked out already 3 weeks in advance.

There was a journalist from Berlin’s TAZ and a Missy Magazine writer participating and the guy who makes the Arduino blog took an interview. He promised to add the tag “arduina” to the arduino website. I think, we should all post our thoughts on the arduino forum more, to start a discussion on these issues.

A journalist from dpi magazine in montreal took part in the workshop and will write about us. Also a dutch online magazine took an interview and the karlsruhe institute of technology as well as the Frankfurt visual arts department of the Goethe-Universität would like to host mz baltazar’s laboratory workshops.

I also gave a lecture at the panel Access Denied – DI_Yourself

Carolyn Guertin (ca), Stefanie Wuschitz (at), Franca Formenti (it)
Verena Kuni (de)

The lecture was on hackerspaces and women only groups within these frameworks. Here are some pictures from my slide show:


FM4 wants to do a radio report about mz baltazar’s laboratory, so they might even come to one of the next sessions. however, i really look forward to our linux (ubuntu) install session! if you want to change the operating system on your computer, please make sure to make a backup of all your data in advance! so i hope i see many of you on the 9th of february at 7pm at museumsquartier!



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