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This coming Thursday Workshop by Hannah Perner-Wilson (pulsea.at)

Handcrafting Textile Sensors


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WHERE: Museumsquartier, Tagr TV / Transforming Freedom Space

WHEN: 7pm

WHO: women and trans only, free entry

This hands-on workshop introduces a range of low-cost materials and tools for building textile sensors. Participants will learn techniques for handcrafting textile sensors and circuitry that include sewing, knitting, crochet and embroidery.

The goal of the workshop is to familiarize participants with available electronic textile materials and introduce them to a variety of sensor and circuitry construction techniques.

Participants will also learn how to read the values of their sensors, using multimeters as well as Arduinos and Processing.

[tagr – workshop] Wearable Technology by Stefanie Wuschitz

20th August – 9am to 6pm @ tagr.tv office, MQ/quartier21


In this art-technology workshop Stefanie Wuschitz introduces wearable circuits to playfully demystify technology and open up an atmosphere where learning new technological tools is fearless, interesting and clear for artists. Using different materials that include fabric, conductive thread, recycled electronics, microcontrollers and various sensors, participants learn to create simple systems for interactive art by merging both digital and analog materials in fluid, poetic ways.

The workshop begins with several simple circuits that can be quickly built and realized with little knowledge of the technology at work. As participants begin to understand how these circuits operate, they can then comfortably move forward, learning at their own pace to introduce microcontrollers to build complex interactive systems that link together materials such as fabric, speakers, lights and distance sensors.

The final product is an interactive bag with an inbuilt microcontroller called Arduino Lilypad.

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