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Reading Group: Appadurai

“the politics of value is in many contexts a politics of knowledge”

we meet Friday, Nov. 4, at 5 p.m.

to discuss the arguments of Arjun Appadurai “on commodities and the politics of value”,”the strategies that make the creation of value a politically mediated process”. Our aim is to connect these discussions to our artistic practice and our use of technologies.


(Arjun Appadurai, “Introduction: commodities and the politics of value,

in: A. Appadurai (ed.) The social life of things. Commodities on cultural perspective,

Cambridge Univ. Press 1986)

Experiments in Performative Theory

The workshops take place twice a month as an open group.
Spoken languages: German and English.


(MQ, Eingang beim Eikon-Schaufenster in der electric avenue)


Miss Baltazar kommt nun in 3 unterschiedlichen Formaten:

Als Workshop

(Jeden zweiten Mittwoch hands-on Wissensaustausch, praktisch, technisch, kreativ, feministisch)

Alternierend dazu das Open Lab

(unabhängigeres Experimentieren um Inhalte oder Techniken des Workshops der letzten Woche zu vertiefen, Hackerspace Situation)

Als Reading Group

(Diskussion und Auseinandersetzung mit Themen, die uns durch die Workshops relevant erscheinen)






November 4th, Friday. 17.00-20.00

Claudia Mongini und Katharina Jesberger

Miss Baltazar’s Reading Group. Open to all Genders.

Book: Arjun Appadurai. Modernity at Large: Cultural Dimensions of Globalization.

November 9th, Wednesday. 19.00-22.00

“An extreme situation, extremely surpassed: being woman in the Republic of Congo”.

Miss Baltazar’s Laboratory

Workshop by Miss Universe

The workshop will focus on the production circle of mobile phones. It will be a journey to the Congo and women’s experiences of violence during Congo’s civil war. We will talk about how civil war in Congo is related to our capitalist system and the production of mobile phones. Participants will have the opportunity to take a new look at their bodies, society, the capitalist system and to ways of using art as means of activism.


November 16th, Wednesday. 19.00

“An extreme situation, extremely surpassed: being woman in the Republic of Congo”.

Miss Baltazar Open Lab curated by Miss Universe

In Open Lab sessions we experiment with the technology we played with in the previous week’s workshop. It gives room discuss questions that came up and demand further investigation. In this Open Lab session, we will expand on the issues Miss Universe introduced in the workshop on women in the Congo. The participants can share their thoughts or related projects, tell about their own lives and backgrounds.


Bio of Miss Universe:

In 2008, she attended the beauty contest held in Supper Club Istanbul and was nominated “Miss Universe”. After this contest, her life changed and represented her country in other beauty contests, each time being nominated as “Miss Universe”. She appears as a figure who reaches broad audiences through joyful presentations, combining contemporary performance elements of action, text and music, with pop-culture, references to classical art history, using choirs, children songs, fashion and show business elements. The content of the performances emphasize specifically on human rights, politics, gender issues, domestic violence and history of art.

November 23rd, Wednesday. 19.00

“The Beauty of Distortion”

Miss Baltazar’s Laboratory

Workshop by Christine Schörkhuber

In this workshop we will create visuals by causing distortions on screens. We explore possibilities to generate Live Visuals without using any software. We work with Interference signals, Videofeedback, selfbuilt – faders, open wires and everything that comes along the way to create beautiful weird and abstract video landscapes.No technical experience required.


November 30th, Wednesday. 19.00

“The Beauty of Distortion”

Miss Baltazar Open Lab curated by Christine Schörkhuber

In Open Lab sessions we experiment with the technology we played with in the previous week’s workshop. In Christine Schörkhuber’s Open Lab we will continue to generate visuals through distortion of screens.

Bio of Christine Schörkhuber:

Geboren 1982, an der Akademie der bildenden Künste bei Franz Graf und Dorit Margreiter (Video/Videoinstallation). Als freischaffende Künstlerin, Medienkomponistin und Filmemacherin tätig.
Im Vorstand der IG Kultur Österreich, redaktionelle Tätigkeit Radiosendung „Bewegungsmelder Kultur“.

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