STILLE BILDER LAUT | Buchstaben, Dia, Video, Papier, Angst und Licht
An exhibition by Lale Rodgarkia-Dara as part of the Luftsteuer Show-Window Project

Pictures taken on the first Saturday of the refugee-movement at Bahnhof Wien West will be will be overwritten and translated into and combined with live-soundscapes. The eerie atmosphere of this Saturday, August 29th 2015, is transformed by a series of pictures taken at the  shopping-mall area of Bahnhof Wien West.

“It was a bizarre situation. Suddenly all – in my opinion per se displaced – shops at the train-station were filled with a strange inaneness; an emptiness that dispread beyond a visual or auditable tangibility, hard to capture and hard to describe. For me they were filled with the vacuum of the near future.” – Lale Rodgarkia-Dara

Finissage: 30.11.2015, 18h