Working within TRANSpecies symbiotic intra-actions, Paula Pin will present and facilitate a one-day OpenLab* and collaborative research platform at Mz* Baltazar’s Laboratory. After a round table, we will explore the merger of the labs and the last version of CyanoVan – her mobile laboratory. Through CyanoVan, Pin honours her love towards spirulina, a genus of cyanobacteria. The open session will address and explore the emergence of new cosmological species during the presentation of intra-chemical molecular atomic intra-actions. 

Working within the framework of open-source gyne- & ecological soft hard and wet technologies, we invite participants to playfully engage with microscopy, and synthesisers to examine the signification of the microorganism on the microscope. Exploring and researching together, we will functionally speculate about future possibilities of myco-growing, phytoremediation, wastewater treatment, fertiliser creation and the relationship of our bodies and their technological prosthetics to the ecosystems they are embedded in. 


*OpenLab is a part of and a collaboration with many labs Paula Pin has been engaged with, including Hackteria network, transhackfeminist  Biotranslab and Pechblenda autonomous labs.

A new associative constellation is emerging in Galicia to expand the interactions with the world.

About the artist

As a researcher, artist, and activist, Paula Pin has a strong inclination for experimental processes with collective and free technologies. Her work spans from drawing to abstract video, from circuit bending to performance and lab experiments, always located at the intersection where biology, science, and queer art collide.   She has participated in the independent trans-hack-feminist laboratories Pechblenda and Transnoise and has collaborated in the extensive bio-hacking network, Hackteria, since 2012. Her practical experience in bio-hacking (body/environment) and health in the Pechblenda laboratory gave way to Biotranslab, an autonomous lab on wheels for experiments and investigations on Open Science Friction and queer natures on the road. The lab is set inside a bus, the CyanoVan. The lab is now on wheels running participatory workshops and promoting biohacking as critical sites for knowledge production and collaborative queerings of the status quo.  She has been a resident artist at institutions such Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris; School of Arts (KASK), Ghent; Hangar, Barcelona; and Gaité Lyrique Paris, and has participated in Query Ecologies at Click Festival, Denmark and OSH Open Source Gathering, Shenzhen, China between others.