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Although in Western countries technology is accessible to a great demographic mass, females handling technology is still perceived as deviant and women’s hacker clubs remain on the fringes. This article introduces and discusses artist and teacher Stefanie Wuschitz of Austria and her women-only  hacker project Miss Baltazar s Laboratory , exemplifying the cyberfeministic trend of current media culture. The term cyberfeminism dates back to a group of women who   became active in Internet-based art and activism in the 1990s. There is no one definition describing the practice of cyberfeminists, rather the term emerged when it became clear that the Internet was not going to be a neutral space, but that questions about gender continue persist. Whereas it is sometimes used to describe the sum of feminisms expressed throughout the Internet, it can also mean an emphasis on female practice with digital technology. This more broad conception is used here in the practice of Miss Baltazar’s Laboratory promoting the use of technology among girls and women. Continue reading