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Feminist DIY Kick Off Workshop in Frankfurt

A fine 4 days workshop in Frankfurt has ended with a fun spontanious noise instrument concert at the Kulturwaggon. We had a long discussion if non-experts should go on stage or not, but were all glad we did. The participants were students of the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Offenbach and got addicted to playing with circuits in no time. I hope we all stay in touch! Here some photos of the workshop and the link to the lecture as well as the performance:




free arduinas for all

Dear Miss Baltazarians,

Being so enormously nice this year (all of us) we got lots of presents.


Today the mail man brought:

  1. Ten Arduino Starte Kits containing breadboards, senors, wires, USB cables, Arduino Uno, LEDs and resistors
  2. An accerometer measuring acceleration and movement
  3. Five servor motors for tinkering crazy stuff

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