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evening program

Make Me Eclectic

Evening Program

RAUM D. Museumsquartier

The first feminist hackerspace

invites you to an eclectic night at Raum D

organized by miss baltazar’s laboratory in the framework of our MAKE ME ECLECTIC FESTIVAL

Friday, 20th of January

19:30 Marthe Dessel: Djette BoomBike
http://www.ooooo.be/ djette/
Ride around MQ
20:00 Ye Hui
21:00  Ulla Rauter, Verena Dürr, Christine Schörkhuber (3/4 Laster Kanaster)
DJ: Eli Ruisz

Saturday, 21st of January

The beauty of distortion, live visuals with electronic interferences, without computers, open to participate.


Karla Spiluttini

Jaqueline Cheval

Presentations of female and trans Arts & Electronics projects!

ars electronica facade project

since we are researching for ways to play with the ars electronica LED fassade, theresa schubert has sent us this video of an artist’s application called iRiS:

iRiS – http://project-iris.org/ from awiethoff on Vimeo.

by Miss Baltazar’s Laboratory 2011

Our collective develops a game that can be played via smart phone.
The project is targeted to people passing AEC, who are present in the public space around the AEC fassade and enables players to immediately interact with the system. Real time effects of the user’s interaction create a meaningful dynamic between choices players take on their mobiles and what is visually displayed on the fassade.
The structure of the mobile game is challenging players to find a balance between accumulations and deprivation, fostering generative growth of visual algorithms as much as the intentional sudden destruction of these visual structures. Rather than accumulating and gaining, the game is about creating tactically smart win-win situations through mutually caused, non-linear, osmotic  processes. The player can control these processes via an interactive animation on the mobile phone screen (html, PhP, MYSQL). In order to “succeed” in the game, the biological patterns accumulating and taking over the fassade through the player’s interaction, similar to certain kinds of bacteria, must be at the same time mastered/regulated into a fluctuating movement. Once the users have collaboratively managed to create this kind of stable and fluctuating balance the game is won.
The aim of the game is to explore methods of redistributing values in a dynamic system and the intermittency between biological creation (evolutiono famoebae) and code (network) structure.
About Miss Baltazar’s Laboratory:
Mz Baltazar’s Laboratory offers women a space to make electronics their own and realize interactive art projects. In workshops and temporay collaborations women artists share their skills on Open Source Software and Hardware, hack, solder and make noise. Our activities are taking place on a regular basis at MQ in Vienna, but are also travelling to international institutions and festivals (e.g. Transmediale in Berlin, ISEA 2011 in Istanbul).
Artists involved: Christine Schörkhuber. Claudia Mongini. Delphine Mei. Stefanie Wuschitz. Theresa Schubert.

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