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From the 27th of November until the 3rd of November


Residence period: 27th November until the 3rd of December

Opening hours to public: Tuesday, Wednesday & Saturday from 15h to 18h

Workshop/ Lecture for the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna: Thursday the 30th from 10 to 12h

Public Presentation Lecture/ Performance: Friday 1st of December at 19h


The project that will be developed in the Fem-Lab residency is part of the series of speculative projects conducted by neuX, a futurisc interactive laboratory conducting experiments on pleasure and sexuality in post-humanism, from a performative and transfeminist perspective, where sci-fi erotic narratives, cyborg skins and biomateriality are intertwined with natural environments and dystopian scenarios.

This chapter focuses on the design and speculative research of a wearable sensory bio-textile that utilises surrounding natural elements and bodily fluids to generate activist frequencies.

The aim is to create a symbiotic link between the human body, its fluids and its surroundings for an active and visceral listening to the events and changes that are taking place, in and around us from a climatic, social and political perspective.

The tissue is made from biocircuits of bodily fluids, such as menstrual blood, to create a wearable interactive synthesiser using human and non-human, internal and external sounds;

each natural and bodily change will influence the frequency itself, generating activist noises that will open a discussion/performance that will challenge topical issues.


Buy one, get two for free! It's your life. It's your tv! :: An exhibition by Sejma Prodanovic & Lena Violetta Leitner:: 06.05.2015

Buy one, get two for free!
It’s your life. It’s your tv!

An exhibition by Sejma Prodanovic & Lena Violetta Leitner
curated by Mz Baltazar´s Mz. Baltazars Laboratory 

We provide a diverse range of high quality products. We will never let you down. This is what you want right now. Dive in a new world of happiness, with products fulfilling your dreams! Our programme will entertain you and help you improve yourself. Cause it is always about making it better. This is DAILY DIET. This is your tv!


Vernissage: 06.05.2015  |  6pm  |  the artists attend the opening
Finissage: 18.06.2015  |  6pm
Mz. Baltazar´s Laboratory  |  Sechshauserstraße 28  |  A – 1150 Wien

Sejma Prodanovic and Lena Violetta Leitner set an exhibition that deals with consumerism, marketing, videos, body image and shopping channels. “DAILY DIET” analyzes the complexity of our contemporary society in various ways by digesting the aggressive world of information and advertisement. The different levels of fiction and reality start to mix, involving the visitors as well. Sejma Prodanovic makes a serial of simple linear drawings in ink with the goal to translate different visual languages from the world of mass-media in an individual and direct way. Lena Violetta Leitner shows a two-channel video that deals with the absurd world of shopping and consists of found footage and a documentation of the artistic process of Sejma and Violetta. 

Sejma Prodanovic *1981, Belgrade
works with discarded material and reinterprets their use with painting, printmaking, drawing and installation. Recent exhibitions are: „Using images“, Cultural Center Grocka (2015), „Daily Drawings“, Gallery DKSG Belgrade (2013), „I saw unseen“, Gallery Dom Omladine Belgrade (2012). 
Lena Violetta Leitner *1986, Graz
works with different media as video, performance, installation or collages and likes to use broken machines or found footage. She focusses on collaborative processes, that especially try to reinforce women to network, like collective OutSight. Some recent exhibitions are: „Contemporaries of the near future“ at das weisse haus, Vienna (Vienna Art Fair 2014), „Obsession“, exhibition OutSight at National Gallery Mala Stanica (2014), „Pigeons, Manifests and More“, Kulturraum Baden (2014), Biennale Sessions



Nina Prader Exhibition 11.3-21.4.2015

Mz Baltazar’s Lab and Luftsteuer Show window project proudly presents:

Nina Prader 

<Maga_Zine: The Front
Cupcake Rant Continued>

Opening: 11.3.2015 — 19h
Finissage: 21.4.2015 — 19h
Workshop: 18.3.2015 — 18h


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Artist-In-Residence Miss Baltazar’s Lab

Julia Seyr (geb. 1980 in Wien) studierte Computer- und Videokunst an der Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien und Kunstwissenschaften, Kunstvermittlung und Kunstpädagogik and der Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien. Zusammen mit Kerstin von Gabain gründete sie die Künstlerinnengruppe Apo.K. die von 1998-2002 aktiv war. Sie ist Malerin, Zeichnerin, Performance- und Medienkünstlerin. Ihr Künsterinnen-Comic-Buch „Julie Desire – Lust for Life“ ist 2012 bei Schlebrügge.Editor erschienen. Derzeit kann man ihre Comic-Arbeiten in den Jubiläumsausgaben des ST/A/R und im Wiener Boulevardblatt Augustin sehen.


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