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Dear Baltazarians,

Today a 6pm is a Lilypad Arduino workshop by Stefanie Wuschitz

Please bring a laptop and textiles!

Sechshauserstraße 28
1150 Vienna

Material costs: 5 EUR

Heute findet ein Lilypad Workshop in Miss Baltazar’s Laboratory statt! Du kannst mit dem Lilypad-Arduino tragbare, textile Elektronik herstellen und reaktive Schaltkreise aus Stoff nähen. Bring bitte einfach Nadel, Faden und Laptop mit! Wir besorgen leitenden Stoff und Elektronikteile!

Die Türpolitik des Workshops ist:

Female and trans people only.
Nähmaschinen sehr herzlich willkommen!

5 euro

photos from our arduina workshop


Delphine Mei took some pictures of us:


workshop NYC

The workshop started with Lesley’s feedback instrument circuit, using old speakers, LM 386 and a piezos to create beautiful noise.

After an Arduino Lilypad and Processing introduction, we came up with many ideas of how to implement interaction in weird new ways. A dress that reacted to light with noises, so you can play the dress and another beautiful dress that reacted to touch with a light pattern.

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