mz baltazar's laboratory




Mz Baltazar's Laboratory is a creative feminist space that brings together art, technology, and science. We have operated in Vienna since 2009 in a number of spaces and currently we are based in Sechshauserstrasse 28, while also collaborating internationally with fellow feminist groups/labs, and festivals. We identify as intersectional feminists, and we come from a variety of linguistic and educational backgrounds. The lab is intended as a safer space for people who have traditionally been excluded from or have felt unsafe in spaces where science is taught, or technology is being used, and we invite those people (women, and trans* individuals) to participate or give workshops that bring together technology, art, and have a critical understanding of social structures. Our goal is to produce, hack, up-cycle, create, and learn from each other, and not simply consume products or knowledge. We use open source software and hardware and see those creative DIY/DIT practices as empowering and emancipatory. We are always happy to welcome new members and collaborators. If you want to meet us, propose a workshop, exhibition, lecture, or other event drop us a line!.