SOS stands for Salon of Open Secrets*. Now what does that mean?

SOS is a virtual reenactment of our cozy hackerspace studio/gallery, a place, a conversation, happening and relationship. Our Salon wants to reconnect to all of you out there making and creating, succeeding and failing to do things and to think with things, who manage to stay fascinated with the promise that technologies always held: to create a better and more liveable future for all.

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What are Open Secrets? The elephants in the room? Gossip? Publicly censored and stigmatised topics? Everything at the same time, but not exclusively. We define Open Secrets as very situated, niche and embodied experiences, know-hows and fun – of being female*, of bending binaries with/through/in art, technologies, engineering and materials science and of connecting to each other in the most unexpected and life-assuring ways.

*Format: we will be holding open online conversation with an artist, feminist, hacker, maker, scientist on the existing challenges and their solutions – weaving an interconnected web of materials, components, ecologies, economies, labor, hardware, geographies, ethics and politics of becoming in our more than human world. The videos are published and then openly discussed via comments on the page.

Let’s start the discussion!

What is a piezo? How can we read it historically and with a feminist view? Mz*Baltazar’s talks to Lilo Viehweg about the interesting history and an artistic approach towards the materials.

A mining town in the very north of Sweden, architecture, feminist and creative strategies and prolonged coloniality. Discuss with us the second video of SOS, in which we talked to Karin Reisinger.

Cornelia Sollfrank in interview with Mz*Baltazar’s Laboratory about her ground-breaking work.

Paula Pin talks to Mz*Baltazar’s Laboratory about her work in the field of biohacking.

Janne Kummer talks with Mz* Baltazar’s about her hacking practice in embodied interfaces.