FEM*MAD stands for ‘Female Engagements in Making – Making a Difference’ and is a research project between Happylab Vienna, Mz* Balthazar’s Laboratory, Austrian Institute of Technology, and the Center for Human Computer Interaction financed by FFG.

The proposed project aims to address this gap by investigating opportunities that would facilitate regional, inclusive access to making. In this research project, we expand our focus beyond educated, young men*, towards underrepresented groups – especially including women* and girls*. In order to do so, local conditions will be comprehensively studied and related to existing work and guidelines in that area. We will assess diverse makers’ (and makers-to-be) needs, preferences, and existing practices in order to create a set of interventions. These interventions will be explored in the field to define “best practices” that facilitate diverse ways of access to making and take into account the particularities of (Austrian) cultures and realities in urban and rural environments.

3D Printing, sewing, carving, designing – if these are a few of your favorite things, you’re the right participant for our survey. As part of the project „FEM*mad – Female Engagements in Making * Making a Difference“ – we are looking for YOU – hobby-tinkerers, laser-cutting-queens-and-kings, passionate fashion-designers – and we would like to find out more about your creative working. The survey is online and only takes 10 – 15 minutes.