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19. May 2022, 17:0020:00

WORKSHOP Sizzling Semiconductors by Ioana Vreme Moser

Sizzling Semiconductors  by Ioana Vreme Moser

19th of May, 17-20h 

WORKSHOP at Mz* Baltzar’s Lab, Jägerstraße 52-54, Vienna  (REGISTRATION LINK)


During this workshop, we will explore the multifaceted history of semiconducting materials their presence in electronic devices and environmental decay. Going back to the advent of communication technologies, we will look at early radio devices, both transmitters and receivers built from raw stones. By transmission, we understand the modulation of a carrier signal, a sinusoidal oscillator. This workshop aims to explore the possibilities of building such oscillators as tone generators out of galvanized scrap metal and radio receptive stones. The participants will be guided to produce negative resistance oscillations to understand the methods of reinforcing communication networks out of leftovers.

No prior experience in electronics is required.




About Ioana Vreme Moser

Ioana Vreme Moser (b 1994) is a Romanian sound artist engaged with hardware electronics, speculative research and tactile experimentation.

In her practice, she uses rough electronic processes to obtain different materialities of sound. She places electronic components and control voltages in different situations of interaction with her body, organic materials, lost and found items and environmental stimuli.
From these collisions, synthesised sounds emerge to carry personal narrations and observations on the history of electronics, their production chains and wastelands and entanglements in the natural world.

Dominated by alternative circuitry, bits and pieces of leftovers and subtle humour, Ioana's work resounds in installations, sound sculptures, hand-made instruments, sound-performance setups or workshops.

Website: https://www.ioanavrememoser.com/

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19. May 2022
Door policy:
all genders
No registration required.
bring your own computer
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Jägerstraße 52-54, Jägerstraße 52-54, 1200 Wien + Google Map


Mz* Baltazar’s Lab

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