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11. October 2016, 19:0021:00

*—tor los * Feminist Perspectives in Onion- DATA, AGENCY, EMPOWERMENT: SOCIAL MEDIA & PRIVACY by

Facebook, Twitter, Email – most of us use one or more these technologies daily to organize our lives, our studies, interest groups, workshops, or events. In doing so we reveal much more about ourselves than we think. Metadata, algorithms, and often (voluntarily) quantifying ourselves (think tracking apps). We share more than we imagine.

But often this isnt just a nuisance but – depending on where in the world you are, and_or what you organize – it can be dangerous. Sometimes posting a single tweet, identifying as a feminist, or commenting on a blog is enough to become the target for online hate. And even if there is no way to be 100% safe there are steps we can take to be safeER online: encrypting messages, being careful about what personal information we share, and knowing what data is easily visible online are just a few.

In the workshops we will take a look at popular apps and platforms and find out how they work: can we continue to use social media sites without giving up all our privacy? Are there alternatives, and are they useful for what we’re trying to achive? And if not, how can we use Facebook & co more safely, and what should we always bear in mind when moving around online?

The talk will focus on anonymous browsing using Tor Browser, and we’ll also talk about Facebook’s onion servie (ie. their “Darkweb” site). If you dont know what all that is, then this talk is for you, especially if you’re curious! Afterwards we’ll have a discussion, so please bring all your questions!

If you think you’ll want to play around with Tor, please bring your lapop and_or smartphone (running Android).

The talk will be in English, but you can ask questions in German as well!

*—tor los *  Feminist Perspectives in Onion- DATA, AGENCY, EMPOWERMENT: SOCIAL MEDIA & PRIVACY by


always has lots of stuff going on. currently she's working on starting the queer feminist hackspace HAEQS in berlin, and thinking about all the stuff she still wants to learn this year. she organizes events with femme hive berlin (for queer femmes and feminine queers) and HAEQS. interests right now: digital self-defence & digital rights, queer & tech, and saving stray dogs in Greece.


is currently working as a front-end-developer at Travis CI.
At night she is busy teaching and learnung in several programming-groups all over Berlin. At crypto-parties she is supporting people keeping their privacy in the virtual space.

Website: https://lislis.de

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11. October 2016
Door policy:
all genders
No registration required.
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Mz* Baltazar’s Lab, Wallensteinstraße 38-40/8, 1200 Wien

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