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27. November 20233. December 2023

Fem-Lab residency with Cristina Dezi

Fem-Lab residency with Cristina Dezi

From the 27th of November until the 3rd of November


Residence period: 27th November until the 3rd of December

Opening hours to public: Tuesday, Wednesday & Saturday from 15h to 18h

Workshop/ Lecture for the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna: Thursday the 30th from 10 to 12h

Public Presentation Lecture/ Performance: Friday 1st of December at 19h


The project that will be developed in the Fem-Lab residency is part of the series of speculative projects conducted by neuX, a futurisc interactive laboratory conducting experiments on pleasure and sexuality in post-humanism, from a performative and transfeminist perspective, where sci-fi erotic narratives, cyborg skins and biomateriality are intertwined with natural environments and dystopian scenarios.

This chapter focuses on the design and speculative research of a wearable sensory bio-textile that utilises surrounding natural elements and bodily fluids to generate activist frequencies.

The aim is to create a symbiotic link between the human body, its fluids and its surroundings for an active and visceral listening to the events and changes that are taking place, in and around us from a climatic, social and political perspective.

The tissue is made from biocircuits of bodily fluids, such as menstrual blood, to create a wearable interactive synthesiser using human and non-human, internal and external sounds;

each natural and bodily change will influence the frequency itself, generating activist noises that will open a discussion/performance that will challenge topical issues.




Coming from a background in fashion and costume design, my form of expression on sensitive issues of feminist activism and hacker culture is rather expressed through wearable and performative aesthetics, using the body, its parts and its interrelation with natural and sound spaces as materials and research tools.

I want to inspire and provoke to spark debate and critical reflection over taboos and stigma related to sexuality, pleasure, and pornographic landscapes, topics that I interlace along with biotechnological and artistic/scientific research, a field where these matters are hardly openly accepted.


Fem_Lab exchange Catalonia-Austria a collaboration between Mz* Baltazar’s Lab and Hangar, promoted by the Delegation of the Government of Catalonia to Central Europe, the Ramon Llull Institute to support artistic exchange between Catalonia and Austria and the Research Project Feminist Hacking: Building Circuits as an Artistic Practice funded by the FWF – Austrian Science Fund | PEEK (AR580) at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.

The Fem_Lab residency is the result of an open call promoted by Hangar, opened to an artist or collective working in any creative discipline who are carrying out an art project which can relate to the term “hacking” and works on the intersection of Art, Science and Tech through a (trans)feminist lens. The chosen artist or group should have be able to open a debate on one of the following questions:

What do you understand as “trans feminist hacking”?

What could trans feminist hardware look like?
How can we decolonize media art?


With the kind support of:






Cristina DeziFem-Lab residency with Cristina Dezi

About Cristina Dezi

Cristina is a queer interdisciplinary artist and designer.
Through a feminist critique she experiments on biomateriality and wearable technology by intersecting textile innovation, audiovisual and interactive sound spaces, biohacking and electronics.
Her research moves in the field of sextech, witchery rituals, cyberfeminism and erotic cinema.
She is the co-founder with Giulia Tomasello of "Bruixes_Lab" a nomadic lab experimenting with kinky biotechnology, transfeminist and DIY practices.

Website: https://cristinadezi.cargo.site/

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27. November 2023
3. December 2023
Door policy:
all genders
No registration required.
bring your own computer
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Mz*Baltazar’s Laboratory, Jägerstraße 52-54, 1200 Wien + Google Map


Mz* Baltazar’s Lab

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